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Thanks for checking out my work! I absolutely love what I do! I mean seriously, who gets to meet and work with new people every single week!

A little about me: I have four children. Two girls, Two boys. (got lucky with that one:) We are a baseball/softball family! My husband and I even played in High school (and my hubby played college, he's the overachiever:) As you can imagine we spend a lot of time at ballparks, especially with my oldest in the travel scene! Its a crazy life, but we love it!

I have 5 brothers. Why is that important? Because it explains a lot about me! I don't know if it's possible to be raised in a household with all boys and not be a little quirky:) I grew up fighting for the last doughnut and playing tackle football in our backyard. In our household the loudest got heard! How does this relate to my work? It means, because I'm a little “quirky” that I will always get my shot! I will do almost anything to get those natural smiles we all want for our images! I have a few “silly” voices or will make up crazy stories or jokes to keep my subjects engaged. It is so incredibly important for me to rock every shot! I am somewhat of a perfectionist and I want every client to fall in love when they see their images!! The last thing I think is important to mention is that I want every experience for each client to be unique. If I shoot at the same location more than once, I hardly ever use the same exact spot! They will both look like two completely unique shoots!

Hope I get the chance to meet you soon!

“You don't take a photograph, you make it”
- Ansel Adams