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Be individuals!  Coordinate colors, but try not to match too much!   

  • Patterns and Colors are always a great idea.  White washes out the skin (especially in winter) so choose flattering colors for each individual.
  • When in doubt choose jeans!  They are flattering to all body types and are such a classic look.
  • Be careful of billowy tops!  I learned this the hard way!  Something a little more form fitting that shows that you do indeed have a waist. Layering with fitted jackets and sweaters is always a good choice!
  • Avoid clothing with huge logos if possible.
  • Kids: Have fun with their clothes!  They are the smallest subjects in the frame and we really want them to stand out!
  • Skirts on babies ( not walking yet) can be awkward.  They tend to bunch up when they are held, but leggings are a cute alternative!
  • Bring along favorite toys or stuffed animals if you'd like.  It's always cute to capture a child at play!
  • When in doubt: Ask Me! I'd Love to Help!